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Trade Finance Operations

Structured Trade Finance

With globalisation increasing trade volumes, and the changing mindset and legacy infrastructure, financial institutions are struggling to adopt a more sophisticated financing technique to support cross-border commodity flows. Structured Commodity Trade Finance plays a significant role in facilitating the investment and minimizing the risk of a trade transaction, and where borrowers are able to tap international capital markets with advantageous terms.

Path Solutions has designed a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to fulfill the financial institution’s needs in terms of trade financing.

iMAL*STF is a specialized module dedicated to financing purchases and shipment of high-end products and commodities.

iMAL*STF is linked to iMAL core modules and ensures an effective full lifecycle management of structured finance in a flexible and highly parameterized way, starting by granting the financing facility to end with settlement.

> Core Banking & General Ledger Management

Multi-Threading Scheduler

This efficient software delivers high volume processing capabilities in a multithreading approach; thus, offering a concurrent management of processes amalgamated with a profound level of parallel processing of records. The system ensures efficiency through conducting scheduled batches of processes that are related to a single or a combination of several criteria: Companies, branches, processes - covering all the business verticals of a financial institution, which can now schedule its operations’ processing post working hours; thus shifting the time of these jobs to when the computing resources are less busy. Consequently, the system saves employees’ time.

iMAL*MTS offers the possibility to initiate manual batches through a highly secure mobile access. It also provides a system health check on the overall system stating the server resources consumption or any potential database blocking. Besides allowing the operators to closely monitor the execution and progress of the whole process through advanced dashboards, the system provides the option to remotely interfere in the execution of any batch by putting it on hold for a while before resuming its execution at a later time.

> Governance, Risk & Compliance

Financial Consolidation

Financial Consolidation is a standalone solution that permits the combination and consolidation of financial statements of a group comprising a parent entity and its subsidiaries in order to be presented as a single economic entity.

This solution has parameters to setup the consolidation process, transactions for manual adjustment and changes in the ownership and controlling interest, and reports. It permits retrieving consolidated financials across multiple hierarchies and accounting standards.

Consolidation Group and Subgroups:
The solution uses step consolidation method by creating a separate subgroup for each hierarchy level. Once a subgroup has been consolidated, it becomes a consolidation unit when the next higher level is consolidated. This procedure is recurring until consolidation is carried out at the top level.

Step consolidation enables clarity information retention of the consolidation process, even when dealing with a complex group structure.

Credit Risk & IFRS 9

The solution provides financial institutions with the required tools for forward-looking impairment modeling and credit risk management perspectives into accounting. The solution offers different methods for the quantification of expected credit losses (ECL), while being sufficiently flexible in assigning the bank’s exposures into different stages.

Moreover, the solution goes beyond compliance in providing internal credit ratings schemas for financial institutions, and improves business performance through guidance on risk of counterparties and exposures.

The solution is built to be fully integrated with third-party core banking systems with simplified data extraction methodologies through a data warehouse. Moreover, it ensures that users have access to an analysis and reporting platform that offers diverse analytical capabilities.

Among its many functionalities:
- Performs an end-to-end process of impairment calculations that includes collection and centralization of data from numerous sources into the data warehouse
- Provides dynamicity, accuracy, and integration capabilities for optimal compliance with the new IFRS 9 standard
- Applies rigorous models setup and maintains provision calculations according to the new IFRS 9 standard.

Cash Flow Monitoring

Financial institutions that use a comprehensive Cash Flow Monitoring solution are able to reduce errors and increase the efficiency of the working capital. An effective solution would include consolidation of all cash inflows and outflows in a single view, and allowing trend analysis to monitor and track trends across the cash flow monitoring process, thus making it easier to spot costly obstacles.

Our new Cash Flow Monitoring system offers the right components to cover the necessary reporting and analysis of a robust correspondent banking liquidity management framework.

It comprises of a flexible architecture which would procure data from multiple sources including third party data such as SWIFT messages in XML format. It also provides financial institutions with reliable techniques that improve their cash monitoring in order to reduce their borrowing and the related costs; thus managing the overall liquidity risk and increasing business profitability.

With this solution, cash flow monitoring is progressively shifting from being reactive to becoming a proactive and predictive function to a near real-time, daily process for reduced risks and improved profitability.


This standalone solution combines key requirements for both the FATCA and the CRS compliance. This convenient and comprehensive tool involves IT, legal and front office with full coverage across the global financial markets:
- FATCA is designed to allow financial institutions comply with the international regulations of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act). It consists of three major phases that fall under identifying U.S. account holders, reporting to IRS (Internal Revenue Service), and processing penalty of withholding tax for recalcitrant account holders.
- CRS is a global tax framework for the automatic exchange of financial account information and disclosure of income earned by individuals and organizations, allowing tax authorities to obtain a clearer understanding of financial assets held abroad by their residents.

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Human Resources Management System

In today’s complex and competitive environment, HR departments are expected to play a strategic role in helping organizations meet new challenges. To meet their expectations, many HR professionals are turning to technology that allows them to focus less on administrative tasks and more on initiatives that help the organization improve its processes and grow.

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) can help HR professionals meet performance management and employee engagement challenges and in turn, empowers HR as a strategic business partner.

iMAL*HRMS is a comprehensive and integrated solution that meets the HR functional requirements of any organization irrespective of its size.

iMAL*HRMS considerably decreases the workload of the HR department by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and automating routine HR procedures, allowing HR professionals to spend more time on strategic efforts in line with the organization’s goals rather than focusing on administrative tasks. It also empowers and engages employees by giving them more autonomy and control. The solution helps in the effective management of employees across different locations.

The major components of iMAL*HRMS include the following:
- Employee Data Management
- Requests and Benefits Administration
- Workforce Management
- Talent Management
- Payroll Management
- Reporting and Analytics.

All these features or services can be easily enabled or disabled as required by organizations. In other words, the solution can be tailor-made to any corporate environment.


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