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Investment Banking & Fund Management

Path Solutions is a leading provider of portfolio and fund management proven software solutions to the global investment banking industry covering Islamic investment banks, investment managers, mutual funds, pension funds and brokers.

Our solutions can meet most of the requirements for the following departments:
• Asset Management
• Investment & Treasury
• Brokerage
• Operations
• Financial Controls
• Custodian
• Internal Audit.

The system allows complete order request management and investment transactions processing for financial institutions, clients and managed fund’s portfolios in a highly parameterized and user-friendly mode. For fund management operations, the system operates in a central mode whereby the fund books and the managing company’s books are automatically affected by any approved transaction.

The system also enables real estate and private equity placements processing and allows setting and managing Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). It fully handles the related workflow including investment management and automatic investment and divestment transactions processing. Through a single data entry process, the system allows the user to maintain at a macro level the structure and thereon the system automatically processes all subsequent transactions and reporting.

The investment banking operations are supported with:
• Assets and trade management including margin trading, collateral management and custodian management
• Sukuk operations
• Fund management including certificates management, back-office settlement, NAV calculation, cash and share dividends processing, in addition to various other investments related transactions
• Corporate actions management
• Initial Public Offering (IPO) management
• Private equity placements processing
• Reuters and Bloomberg connection and on-line update of securities pricing.

> Trade Finance Operations

With the changing market dynamics that are unfolding in the trade finance area, financial institutions are increasingly recognizing the need to better understand and gain visibility on how companies can take advantage of new tools and technology to manage risk, streamline business processes and reduce the costs associated with trade. Considering the new demand in the trade finance space, they look to IT solution vendors to provide a suitable solution enabling them to evaluate and assume risk besides intermediating pre and post-shipment financing products.

While trade finance constitutes a major part of corporate banking operations, Islamic trade finance requires implementing the Sharia rules and regulations in the financing of trading activities in an Islamic financial institution.

The trade finance coverage is one of the building blocks for banking operations, and our offering caters for:
• Import & Export Letters of Credit
• Letters of Guarantee including Counter Guarantees
• Import & Export Bills for Collection.

The system caters for processing Islamic trade finance operations covering:
• Murabaha L/C
• Musharaka L/C
• Wakala
• Kafala (L/G).

Path Solutions’ Value Proposition:
Trade finance is one of the focused micro-vertical practices within Path Solutions. We have a dedicated trade finance team consisting of SMEs from the global financial services industry.

Our value proposition to clients includes:
• One stop solution provider for innovative and better integrated trade finance solutions
• Years of experience in providing trade finance solutions to leading banks
• Continuous investment in R&D as part of the trade finance product development
• Continuous training and knowledge transfer among employees in trade finance.

> Core Banking & General Ledger Management

The financial services industry is undergoing significant changes with mergers and acquisitions, consolidation, expansion, shifting customer preferences, emerging non-traditional competition and a continuously evolving complex regulatory environment.

With change coming this rapidly, financial institutions looking to gear themselves for tomorrow must quickly embrace the new world order and accelerate growth to stay one step ahead of the competition. Technology becomes a key differentiating factor for simplifying banking to create sustainable business growth, hence the need to modernize banking operations.

Path Solutions’ iMAL Islamic core banking system is a comprehensive Sharia-compliant, agile, scalable, modular yet integrated business solution, addressing all the core needs of Islamic financial institutions, in easy-to configure modules. Our solution provides all the building blocks of business functionality enabling users to configure products and processes with flexibility and to adapt to a dynamic environment with ever-increasing financial regulations. With a 360-degree single source view into customer accounts, Islamic financial institutions can empower their customers with relevant business information presented at the right time through the right channel.

The iMAL core banking coverage includes:
• General ledger and budget management; Accounting & Nostro Vostro account management
• Periodic financial accounting closures
• Financial statements reporting
• Transfer pricing functionality
• Islamic profit calculation.
The solution also enables multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-time zone operations.

> Risk Management & Compliance Solutions

Risk management and compliance are increasingly becoming critical areas in banking operations. Due diligence, regulatory compliance, and AML are proven to be important to the success and longevity of any business and particularly for financial institutions’ sustainability and safeguarding of their assets.

Top management and regulators are in strong demand for quality and speed of risk reporting which could provide insights to support decision making. Financial institutions’ objective is to reduce risk exposure and losses and to comply fully with industry regulations, as well as anticipate and identify emerging threats and opportunities.

Path Solutions offers a comprehensive range of AML, risk and compliance management solutions with effective risk processes, adequate controls, reporting and analysis tools to achieve exceptional performance and long term value.

We provide a comprehensive solution for financial institutions’ requirements in terms of risk management, covering analytical and regulatory reports in credit, market and operational risk, along with various approaches in computing the capital adequacy ratio. The solution is also in full compliance with Basel II and Basel III standards, and includes flexible and dynamic stress testing scenarios

The solution provides a rapid return-on-investment through ready-to-use model parameterization with pre-configured risk management approaches, business templates, standard risk management dashboards/reports and views aligned to the iMAL core banking ledger structures and parameters.

On the other hand, our offering consists of different analytical dashboards that facilitate the identification of risks and challenges faced by financial institutions spread across four components:
• Risk capital assessment for financial institutions’ compliance with Basel II & Basel III requirements
• Advanced techniques in credit risk management
• ALM reports, liquidity management and advanced market risk analytics
• Operational risk and governance.

Multiple dashboards are included representing qualitative and quantitative data that help financial institutions assess multiple risks pertaining to their customers, employees, and branches. In addition, it calculates meaningful ratios related to every financial institution reflecting different business areas and types of risks. The risk analysis provides a holistic, structured view of threats and risks, making it easier for financial institutions to act against these risks, therefore minimizing or completely eliminating them.

The solution is scalable and highly parameterized providing maximum transparency, operational effectiveness, secure dashboards and data security.

> Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data is a financial institution’s most valuable asset. It is being used more often to drive decisions across all parts of the institution. Nowadays, financial institutions are overwhelmed by the amount and speed of the data reaching their organization. Inconsistent reporting of information among business units, divisions and functional operations is the biggest obstacle to successful decision-making.

Path Solutions empowers financial institutions with the right tool to extract and transmit the right information in a consistent manner, at the right time, to the right decision makers. This information is presented in different ways including a range of dashboards enabling viewing and comparing data with full traceability of data sources via drill-downs available at multiple levels.

The solution helps financial institutions to create the intelligence required to reduce costs, manage risks and proactively respond to the changes and needs of the market by making better, more informed decisions with timely, data-driven answers to all their business queries, in an intuitive and easy-to-use manner.

The online analytical data engine called analysis services empowers the financial institution to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytics that leverage in-memory technology and provides interactive exploration of aggregated data very useful in decision support. This is complemented by the new self-service capabilities of Microsoft, enabling data discovery, analysis, and visual exploration in Excel or any other interactive reporting tool.

The solution takes self-service to the next level, with natural language query’s functionalities where users can get a stunning, interactive visualization as an answer to a question written in plain English.

The solution is complemented by a mobile visualization tool that presents executives with attractive dashboards, KPIs, and maps for business performance management to monitor performance against goals. Using a unified dashboard designer, users can set up rich, interactive visualization techniques with extensive drill-down and drill-through options, all while supporting very large data sets.

Users may exploit this platform to review and measure KPIs and dashboards via the activity stream. This stream consists of important events such as KPI/dashboard creation and updates, as well as user comments for the given KPI/dashboard for enhanced operations and service optimization.

> Corporate & Regulatory Reporting

Many organizations are resource-strained by the need to prove ongoing compliance to critical government regulations. Aligning internal security processes with regulations and providing reports to management and auditors are known to be time-consuming and costly exercises.

Path Solutions provides financial institutions with a tool to address the increasingly complex regulatory landscape. The solution automates compliance management for corporate policies, government regulations, and industry standards, and offers a full list of reports that map vulnerability and configuration audits to specific mandates.

The financial accounting reporting tool of Path Solutions allows accountants and financial controllers to design financial reports based on pre-defined templates and empowers users to design new reports and modify existing ones.

The system features include among others scheduling of reports, archiving of reports, automatic emailing and faxing of reports to both users and customers.

In short, our reporting tool allows the following:
• To create reports based on templates covering all financial and regulatory reports including ALM reports, balance sheets, profit and loss, and budget related reports and regulatory reports
• To generate MIS reports.

> System Interfaces & Integration Solutions

Interface and integration are central to most organizations. But doing this can be time-consuming and challenging. A well designed and fully integrated system should be seamless and transparent to users. Data must be cleansed prior to entering another system. Multiple data manipulation, transformation and load techniques are typically employed, and timing issues are addressed on either integrated systems (systems that interact dynamically) or interfaced systems (systems that pass data on a periodic basis).

Path Solutions brings a brand new way to do interoperability and integration. The iMAL suite includes a full range of system interfaces and integration solutions that enable easy and seamless openness and integration with third party systems for banking operations (such as SWIFT Alliance, Reuters, Bloomberg, centralized regulatory credit bureaus and settlement agencies) and for banking services (such as alerts and ATM, exchange rate boards), and any other third-party system using the Integration Manager tool. The results are competently conceived and designed interfaces properly developed to be both effective and efficient.

> Branch Automation

As financial institutions increasingly focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty, they are once again investing in their branches. Leading ones are transitioning from a product-centric business model to a customer-centric business model. As a result, they seek branch technology to optimize customer interactions. By deploying rich applications on a unified platform, the branch personnel can leverage information from all channels to build lifetime customer relationships, provide consistent personalized service, and ultimately increase sales to drive revenue.

Path Solutions’ iMAL empowers the front office operations of financial institutions by providing various front office delivery channels and branch automation which enable them to offer all services and products on the counter.

The system covers the following main areas:
• Standard Retail operations, such as deposits, withdrawals, checkbook requests and others in a client-centric way
• Complete request management, offering Retail and Private Banking customers all products on the counter such as:
- Restricted Investments
- Letters of Credit
- Letters of Guarantee
- Bills for Collection
- Financial Facilities
- Funds & Securities, Investment & Divestment Orders.
• Anti-Money Laundering (AML) control at the reporting and transaction levels
• Cross-selling engine and automatic real-time triggering of alerts
• Multilingual User Interface (MUI)
• Automatic cheque clearing
• Signature verification
• Imaging & archiving
• Triggering actions and automatic notifications for alerts to target the customer directly or to assist and empower the teller, CSR and private banker to cross-sell with other customers.

> Islamic Retail & Corporate Financing

In a global economy marked by continuous change, managing emerging challenges becomes crucial. To be able to meet the challenges ahead, an integrated Islamic banking software package based on established industry standards as promoted by independent Sharia bodies and which automates all banking activities is needed to support Islamic financial institutions’ continuing success.

The system’s capability should cover all operational requirements of the financial institution with regard to Islamic Retail, Wholesale, Treasury and Corporate Banking for front, middle and back offices.

Path Solutions’ iMAL is the only award-winning Islamic banking solution which incorporates a set of modularized applications enabling Islamic financial institutions to deploy and control a flexible range of multi-channel, ground-breaking Islamic banking services for their customers, while bringing the advantages of SOA-based, J2EE architecture to the Islamic financial services industry.

iMAL Islamic Banking & Investment System enables Islamic financial institutions to offer a competitive range of Islamic financing products with total ethical confidence, with full operation automation starting from the facility request up to the end of the process, with powerful collection tracking and follow-up. Modules within the Islamic system allow an efficient recording, tracking and managing of financing transactions funded by the clients’ restricted investment accounts and/or directly by the financial institution and for both Retail and Corporate financing operations:
• Facility and limits management including full automation of the pre-approval process, credit scoring, credit lines’ full management and collateral management
• Processing of multiple Islamic financing products (Murabaha, Ijara {operating & financing}, Mudaraba, Reverse Murabaha, Musharaka, Istisnaa, Salam, Project Financing); Murabaha LC Financing and other products
• Processing, including all Sharia related rules and regulations and different steps in a transaction processing and issuance of standard contracts
• Full collection management from the first late payment and default up to legal cases.

Integrating seamlessly with any existing core banking system, the solution delivers real-time Islamic banking services across the Islamic financial institution’s deposit financing, treasury and investment operations, with built-in Sharia-compliant workflows.

With iMAL,Islamic financial institutions are empowered to achieve:
• Faster time to market
• Exact fit to business requirements
• Operational cost efficiencies
• Phased migration and implementation
• Employment of various delivery channels.

> Social Banking & Social Management

Social media is becoming the preferred choice for customers to communicate with their financial institutions and to perform banking operations in a fast and secure way. Social media control and supervision tools are required to ensure compliant real-time and/or scheduled publishing of social media content that meets FINRA, FSA, SEC, and NASD regulations. These tools also enable the following:
• Safe, secure, compliant and enhanced banking practices
• Meet customer demands for real-time immediate acknowledgement and responses
• Keep up with market trends.

To keep its clients up-to-date in this competitive landscape, Path Solutions has designed two advanced, secure and user-friendly modules. Both are a standalone channel offerings that have the flexibility to integrate with any third party system.


Our iMAL*SocialBanking system helps financial institutions in spreading newly developed products that target the needs of their customers. It also provides financial institutions with the ability to promote and sell their products and services to a wider cross-section of customers.

Among its many features:
• High security standards
• Secure fund transfers
• As fast as sending a SMS and secure as a bank transaction
• No stored data on social media, bank account is masked and completely safe.


This is a new solution with a secure cloud single sign-on (SSO) interface enabling financial institutions to manage both incoming and outgoing social media communication, and to immediately respond to customer needs to ensure real-time social media controlled and compliant communication.

The solution has an advanced routing workflow to capture and control the response of every social media communication.

It embeds a complete repository and lifecycle controller for each social media communication, ensuring all communications are captured, recorded, stored, and managed safely.

Among its many features:
• Protecting against social media abuse and brand damage
• Ensuring social media compliance
• Responding to customers faster
• Resolving complaints in a fast way
• Automatically capturing, indexing and archiving social media messages
• Analyzing the sentiment of social media messages
• Automatically routing social media messages to the right teams
• Automatically detecting and hiding inappropriate social media messages
• Controlling and supervising outgoing social media messages
• Capturing easily all social media messages with a cloud single sign-on (SSO)
• Providing comprehensive search of stored messages.

> Regulatory Compliance Software Solutions

In today’s world of rapid technological change and evolving international regulations, the challenges facing the new paradigm, such as reporting and compliance should be carefully considered. With the new International Tax Compliance Regulations released and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) & the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), a new legislation is in force in the United States to prevent the concealment of offshore funds. Financial institutions are thus required to comply and report related data to US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other international and local tax authorities.

Path Solutions has designed a highly-parameterized standalone solution, to allow financial institutions to comply with the FATCA regulations. It consists of three major phases that fall under identifying US account holders, reporting to IRS, and processing penalty of withholding tax for recalcitrant account holders.

Moreover the CRS, developed in response to the G20 request and approved by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Council on 15 July 2014, calls on jurisdictions to obtain information from their financial institutions which are required to report, and automatically exchange that information with other jurisdictions on an annual basis.

Path Solutions offers an integrated software solution that combines key requirements for both the FATCA and the CRS compliance. This convenient and comprehensive tool involves IT, legal and front office with full compliance coverage across the global financial markets.



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