December 6th, 2016
Boubyan Bank CSM Java Workshop

It has often been said that the right tools for work can make any work a lot easier. When one uses the right tools, suddenly the task at hand becomes easier and quicker to accomplish creating a marked improvement in productivity. 

The original idea behind Boubyan Bank Java Workshop was to introduce the bank senior managers to the new CSM Java version released by Path Solutions before embarking on a project for Boubyan to implement it. As such, it focused on the new functionalities this platform incorporates and some powerful enhancements. Path Solutions also unveiled the future direction of its Islamic core banking system 
iMAL - whose work has been under way for some time, in which it set out a number of notable product plans including full componentization of iMAL core banking system.

Credit must be given to Path Solutions’ Subject Matter Experts, who over the course of two days have presented the new Java application. According to Boubyan Bank team, the workshop was considered highly informative in terms of content and methodology. 

Sameer Abdul Wahab Al Shayji, DGM Consumer Banking Group at Boubyan Bank said, “The whole team have professionally presented the solution which was up to our expectations with the enhancements it incorporates. Of course, it will enhance our existing front-end functionalities and will definitely speed up the process”.

Sherif Fouad Ramadan, AGM, Information Technology Group, Boubyan Bank confirmed that this was a very good workshop. “It gave us an indication on the future direction of 
iMAL. It opens lots of gates for Boubyan Bank Kuwait, and will empower our operations. No need to go back to the Development team for modifications”. 

In addition to the above, Mona Al Duaij, Senior Manager - Branches Support at Boubyan Bank commented, “I was impressed by the skills of the presenters and by the enhancements we’ve seen in the new Java solution. The application is user-friendly. Being Java, the new functionalities will certainly speed up the service. We were happy to see that Path has incorporated many of the bank’s requirements in the roadmap”.   

And finally Mohamed El Zini, Head of IT PMO, Boubyan Bank stated, “As a workshop, it was very beneficial for us. We saw impressive technology features; the benefits of using it, the customization capabilities, i.e. flexibility of customization internally (many things can be done by the user himself). Overall, it was a very fruitful workshop and the 
iMAL*CSM Java version comprises great enhancements. However considering the volume of the project, there should be some arrangement and pre-requisites to be considered before starting this technology migration to ensure a smooth deployment and a new success story for Path Solutions and Boubyan Bank”. 



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