May 9th, 2017
Path Solutions’ Annual Company Meeting & Luncheon

Path Solutions is happy to announce that it has held its annual company meetings in Egypt and Lebanon on 19 & 26 April, and the company’s annual meetings for Kuwait and India teams on May 2 & 4. The purpose of the annual meeting is to discuss the direction of the company and plan for the upcoming fiscal year. It is also intended to inform employees about, and inspire them to engage in the company’s vision and strategy for the upcoming three years.

In his opening speech, the Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions, Mohammed Kateeb spoke about the company’s growth in 2016 which was largely attributed to the hard work and contributions of the team, the launch of new standalone software applications and a large increase in the number of clients with a major win in the Americas. Kateeb also brought the group up-to-date with the Product Engineering and Professional Services departments. Grace Saade, VP Product Engineering & Product Management presented the new solution roadmap, followed by high-level presentations given by EVP Global Professional Services, Global Support & Corporate Academy, Jacob Zachariah Karuvelil, and VP - HR Operations & Legal, Inderjeet Singh, as well as product demos given by the different Product Managers.  

In recent years, Path Solutions’ Sales pipeline has maintained steady growth but is rapidly picking up speed lately! The current project implementations are keeping the team busy and hopping, and Path Solutions is capitalizing on the increasing demand for new Islamic core banking installations.

While many other IT companies have struggled to stay relevant over the last few years, Path Solutions has been fortunate to cater to the needs of a specific niche market, with the Islamic finance sector featuring a substantial expansion in 2016. Experts believe that Islamic finance is increasingly being seen as a potential key to unlocking growth and ending global poverty.

The company’s employees celebrated their achievements at an elaborate luncheon followed by the 25 Years Anniversary cake.



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