May 23rd, 2017
Mohammed Kateeb invited to the World Economic Forum 2017 in Dead Sea

We are proud to announce that our Group Chairman & CEO, Mohammed Kateeb has been invited to attend the ‘World Economic Forum on Middle East and North Africa 2017’, an invitation-only knowledge network forum organized by the Switzerland-based organization whose mission is to engage business, academic, and political leaders to shape global, regional and industry agendas to improve the state of the world. 

With his prolific background in tech innovation, Mohammed Kateeb has been invited to the prestigious WEF on 19-21 May as one of the foremost industry experts, to share and identify strategic technology trends and initiatives, to effect positive change and foster a healthy exchange of ideas with key participants.

Until today, the world’s greatest challenges are being left unsolved and unaddressed, most importantly the impacts of disruption from technology, globalization and changing demographics. According to a recent study by E&Y, estimates indicate that by 2020 a net total of 5.1 million white collar jobs will be lost to automation. If all stakeholders converge their efforts to identify the weaknesses in the fourth industrial revolution and push for reforms, Mohammed Kateeb believes that this initiative can create a real positive change.

Joining the world’s top innovators, niche market leaders, industry regulators, international and regional champions, and those who shape the future in all aspects has enabled Path Solutions to provide adequate guidance in addressing urgent society issues, explore emerging trends and support the forum’s mission of improving people’s lives and the state of the world.

Being a recognized leader in the development and provision of Sharia-compliant software solutions to the burgeoning Islamic finance industry, Path Solutions offers a wide range of IT consulting and advisory services to world-class financial institutions including financial regulatory authorities, central banks, investment banks, financing companies, asset managers and microfinance institutions. Path Solutions has been advising key stakeholders as well as regulatory authorities on developing a specialized framework for the implementation of Islamic finance in almost every geography; i.e. enhancing the role of Islamic finance with the utilization of state-of-the-art Sharia-compliant technologies, so that Islamic financial institutions can operate while fully adhering to Islamic principles.

The World Economic Forum in Dead Sea brought together leaders from across MENA and around the world to discuss issues that are of regional importance. This was a major milestone as well as being an achievement in its own right as influential leaders may have learned from the aspirations of this particular region, and may have developed new insights and perspectives on pressing issues in the Arab world.

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