December 5th, 2017
Day Two of WIBC 2017 kick-started with an engaging speech on the vision for the next 40 years of Islamic banking

Held under the auspices of the Central Bank of Bahrain, the 24th World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC), themed ‘Drivers of Economic Growth & Risks: Policymakers & Regulators’ started on December 4th in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Enhancing financial inclusion through Islamic finance for a sustainable and equitable growth, the new industry horizons and its evolution over the next 40 years, and harnessing digital technologies to stay competitive and addressing evolving customer preferences were the critical discussion points on December 5th of WIBC.

During a key panel session comprising leading Islamic banking technology experts deliberating on the growing need for Islamic banks to re-engineer in order to address evolving customer needs in the digital era, Mohammed Kateeb, Path Solutions’ Group Chairman & CEO spoke about the fintech 
revolution and how it is important for Islamic banks to capitalize on the innovations in financial technology such as Blockchain and Bitcoin, and the need for Islamic banks to use social media to improve customer interactions. According to him, the pace of change in our world is speeding up and technological innovations are disrupting existing business models, thus placing an emphasis on customer and market evolutions and process change requirements is a top priority as digital transformation is the only differentiator in a stiff competitive environment. 

For over two decades, WIBC has solidified its reputation as the world’s largest and most influential gathering of international Islamic banking and finance leaders by addressing systematic challenges and connecting international market players to the industry’s catalysts, thought leaders, policymakers
, academics and other stakeholders from across the globe.

This very first day of WIBC 2017 has also featured the launch of the ‘ICD-Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Development Report 2017’ which discusses the latest trends and key Islamic finance milestones. The report is based on the Islamic Finance Development Indicator which is a unified barometer that assesses the performance of all parts of the Islamic finance industry, providing an in-depth industry analysis.

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