December 14th, 2018
Iraq Cybersecurity Workshop

Cyberattacks are increasing at a very fast pace, both in number and sophistication. In the digital world, organisations are facing a rapidly changing risk landscape, while the banking and financial services sectors are clearly the most targeted industries to cyberattacks.

An effective cybersecurity framework reduces the risk of cyberattacks
 through the deliberate reviews of systems, networks and technologies, ensuring convenient logical and physical access controls among other business resilience controls, are designed and deployed based on the best practices and standards adopted in the market.

Abdo Chalhoub, Executive Vice President - ICT Professional Services at Path Solutions has given presentations over three days, from 9 to 11 December in Iraq with comprehensive coverage of standards and best practices with hands-on experience of the IT and business practitioners, thus facilitating the adoption of security standards and frameworks.

Organized by the Union of Arab Banks in collaboration with the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Private Banks League, the workshop was attended by 30 senior IT and industry professionals from different banks in Iraq. The extended schedule of this workshop not only provided an immersion into cybersecurity fundamentals but also brought about the core essential technical skills and strategies that every cybersecurity professional should know, to advanced topics in digital hacking, incident response and defense 
of critical infrastructure.

The long list of testimonials revealed the full impact this workshop has had on participants who left with literally dozens of proven strategies and cases. 

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