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In today’s business environment, most financial institutions look forward to specialized services from their technology partners, to work hand-in-hand with them so that their energies could be focused on their core business and area of expertise. Path Solutions not only provides the best Islamic banking technologies for its clients but also provides holistic Support to allow clients keep their businesses up and running round the clock maximizing value from this partnership.

With dedicated Support offices in Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Sudan, UK, India, Pakistan and Malaysia (‘Global Support’ - Level 1 & 2 Support) and teams of highly experienced Application and Product specialists (Level 3), we are able to make sure all our clients are attended to and provided the best service, thus improving the availability of our applications and at the same time responding to the demands of our clients’ businesses more effectively.

Our secure, multi-lingual Support Services provide direct access to our experts via multiple communication channels like email or by phone, or through our online customer Helpdesk system (e-PATH) and enable you to discuss, query, monitor and log any operational issue you may experience. The services are bound by clearly defined and agreed service levels and adhere to CMMI level-3 processes. In addition to day-to-day Support, the Global Support team also provides services to manage the Application upgrades of new releases and other Business/Technical Consultancy Services to meet our clients' specific and ad hoc requirements.

With over 90 successful implementations worldwide, our Global Support packages offer tailored solutions to give you the flexibility to choose the level of Support your organization needs. The different offerings are as follows:

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  • Normal Support - Typical Support Management (mandatory)

  • Our Normal Support Service comes fully packed covering Helpdesk service, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, enhancements/modifications (complying with Path Version Release Policy), status reporting features etc.
    Other services like Project Management and supplementary on-demand Consultancies to meet clients’ unique requirements are handled case-by-case.

    Support provided is during normal business hours which would also thus exclude weekends & national holidays.

  • Mission Critical Support - Standard

  • All the facilities and features of Normal Support apply for Mission Critical Support - Standard.

    This add-on service is entry-level offering for our clients requiring round the clock Emergency Support Services mitigating IT operational risk, 24 x 7 Support.

  • Mission Critical Support - Advanced

  • MCS-A includes all the services that come standard with the Normal Support.

    This add-on service is advanced offering for our clients who require quick Technical or Business Support with special and focused attention.

    This service offers a unique combination of preventive services that help maximize IT health and also ensure business continuity. A dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) or Business Account Manager (BAM) would be allocated onsite to provide rapid Support among various services.

  • Mission Critical Support - Premium

  • This add-on service is our premium service offering which is structured to ensure smooth banking operations for the clients and allow them to sustain high performance even during times of complex incidents or crisis. The basic features as with Normal Support would be available by default.

    MCS-P will provide value-added Technical & Business Support with the highest standard of expertise, through priority call status and direct access to Support team. A dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) and a Business Account Manager (BAM) would be allocated onsite providing proactive Support along with an array of other valued services.

  • Managed Services (Database Management)

  • Managed Services is for those clients requiring distinctive Support whereby Database Management related services are outsourced to Path Solutions. By this the clients manage costs more effectively and at the same time bank in on the expertise of Path. This offering provides access to a specialist who, not only would proactively monitor, guide and support the managed devices but also provide instantaneous Technical Support reducing the downtime ensuring streamlined operations, reliability and efficiency.

  • iMAL System Health Check (Business)

  • This is a unique Consultancy service employed by our clients, normally few years down the lane after being live, to do a check of the application implementation set - up/ parameters to obtain recommendations on how best to optimize the system to gain maximum benefits from the application’s features new and old. A review of the Support and other related interactions would also be made to make corrective changes if any required. A senior Application SME is appointed onsite for such tasks.

  • iMAL Upgrade Services

  • iMAL major version (general availability) releases are issued from time-to-time including various enhancements, fixes, new features etc. and our clients are always encouraged to upgrade to the newer versions to benefit from the same.

    iMAL Upgrade Services provide the clients with the option to have their project managed fully by Path Solutions as a project with dedicated onsite Consultants handling tasks including Technical Application upgrade, doing first level system tests before UAT by business users, aiding integration tests, assisting IT clients on deployments, post-upgrade onsite Support etc. with the flexibility to choose only selective services as one needs, if so.

    Training Services for the new version features or other Detailed or Refresher Trainings are many-a-times included in this service as the client requires as one package. Any related DBA related services for Database Upgrades, new set-ups etc. are also managed.

    With our Global Support Services, you are guaranteed the best services.

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