Business Consultancy

For over twenty eight years, Path Solutions has provided its clients with the latest information technology advancements through a range of software solutions that enhance the productivity and efficiency of business processes. The need to manage and administrate banking information systems require skilled professionals in Business Consultancy in place to ensure that these mission-critical software applications are optimized and running smoothly.

Path Solutions’ team of business consultants, famed for their skillful maneuvering and expertise apply innovative thinking, practical tools, services and high-quality technology to bring business value. Our consultants provide a wide range of professional consulting services to both conventional and Islamic financial institutions. They possess a wealth of business and technical know-how and management expertise. Plus, our in-house capabilities range from conceptual planning to project closeout and everything in between. In addition, we deliver value-added services in the related fields of IT Strategy and Planning, IT Audit, IT Infrastructure, IT Security, Quality Systems, Systems and Procedures, Feasibility and Investment and so on.

Furthermore, our team of business consultants is ready to assist in several required assignments such as fact finding exercise, system implementation, outsourcing, business engineering with the aim to provide distinguished services to our clients.