Business Intelligence & Analytics

In today’s dynamic business environment, the exploding volume and speed of data growth and its management constitute a real challenge for financial institutions. The access to information and its application to solve business problems is crucial to sustain organizations’ competitive advantage. For this reason, financial institutions seek out cutting-edge and disruptive technologies that empower them to achieve their key business objectives.

To fulfill these goals, financial institutions require data accuracy and up-to-date market information. Organizations also need to be in full compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, as the impact of corporate governance increases globally. A vital aspect of business intelligence is helping managers in making informed business decisions, based on the transformation of raw data into meaningful information. This can be achieved by optimizing the financial institution’s infrastructure to enable users to access meaningful company-wide information.

Bank customers present another challenge nowadays. They have high expectations from their banks; they want connected personalized experience, a digitalized journey, same as the one provided by companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. So, banks need to gear up and ride this evolution.


The Platform: Data Warehouse

Path Solutions provides a comprehensive end-to-end data warehousing solution including an automated ETL process and a progressive data model.

Our data warehouse provides financial institutions with full accessibility of their valuable data. It is structured in a way that allows efficient and automatic connections into financial institutions’ different systems through SQL Server Integration Services, thus overcoming the obstacle of data silos.

Several analytical techniques are later employed to transform raw data from multiple sources to solid meaningful information in graphs and reports, in a way that gives users the confidence and the insight needed to make the right business decisions.

Our solution has been structured into multiple components, targeting different aspects of decision making:
Business Intelligence – Comprehensive data marts equipped with standard facts and dimensions as well as progressive measures, and rich in out-of-the-box dashboards, covering General Ledger, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investments, Trade Finance, Limits, etc.

Executive Suite – C-level executives analytics boosting a base set of KPIs, dashboards and advanced analytics which are essential to each executive.

Customer Profitability – Profitability for different dimensions such as branch, department, and product down to customer level, with trend analysis overlooking both monthly and yearly growth.

Predictive Analytics Suite – Powered by Microsoft latest technologies and the most advanced algorithms, allows data mining and predictive analysis to uncover hidden patterns:

  • Behavioral Segmentation: Using clustering algorithms to divide a single portfolio into multiple segments according to ‘Demographical’, ‘Geographical’ and ‘Behavioral’ criteria.
  • Login Fraud Detection: Using anomaly detection algorithms to identify fraudulent login attempts based on mismatches, high-risk locations, velocities, and cross-check.

Big Data – Big Data platform to explore both structured and unstructured data to maintain competitive advantage while delivering advanced and innovative customer experience.