Case Studies

We have created a series of Case Studies in order to help you visualise how Path Solutions can help your business. They span a variety of locations globally, sizes, types, solutions, and usage. We hope you will find one that can help you in your decision-making process:

Mr. Abd Elkhalig Elsamani

Mr. Syed Kabir Hussainy


Mr. Mohammed Kaka

Mr. Youssef Baghdadi

Mr. Mohamed Abdirahman Malin

Mr. Bright Karuwe

Mr. Mohamed Aburaid (2)

Mr. Ismail Jama Ismail Bait Ishaq

Mr. Girish Nair

Mr. Sherif Fouad

Mrs. Rana Riyadh

Mr. Mohamed Aburaid (1)

Mr. Mohammed Mukamani

Mr. Tanveer Mohammad

Mr. Yunis Omar

Mr. Abdallah Ahmed El Mokhtar