Chairman Statement

Path Solutions’ Vision states, “To provide the financial industry ecosystem with intelligent software, empowering the immersion of frictionless financial services seamlessly into our lives”, and our Mission states, “To accelerate the financial services move to digital by building technologically advanced plug-and-play financial software coupled with flawless implementations and mission critical support”. Both statements reflect the role we strive to perform in this new digitally disrupted world. A world where financial services, although provided by a very complex global financial ecosystem, will be embedded into every aspect of our lives seamlessly and without friction. To achieve this vision, we need to continue to be a relevant force by providing technically innovative software to move the financial services industry to the new world of digital.

In today’s unpredictable business environment, financial institutions are facing numerous challenges, and charting a course for the future has become extremely taxing. Some of these strategic threats include increased competition from traditional banks, digital banks, fintech and technology companies, add to that the internal cultural shift to innovation, increased burden of regulatory compliance, changing business models, rising customer expectations, intricacy of customer retention, security breaches, and update of legacy systems. For many financial institutions, this is a defining moment!

We at Path Solutions recognize that in order for our clients to stay relevant, they must address these challenges by becoming agile and inventive which can only be achieved by transforming themselves completely to digital, building intelligence deep into their core, integrating with the local and international financial systems, and establishing their competitive advantages within this vibrant ecosystem. Only by having the right partners these objectives are realized.

“Our customers seek a trusted partner to provide them such solutions and support them 365 days a year 24 hours per day”.

Every financial institution needs a strategic technology partner who will provide it with innovative solutions to protect its competitive advantage and ignite its growth. We realize that our clients seek this trusted technology partner to provide them with mission-critical solutions that are comprehensive in functionality, rock-solid in reliability, unbreachable in security and limitless in scalability, in addition to providing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of support.

Every day, all our employees around the world are laser-focused on earning that trust and strive to be this partner that empowers our clients to overcome all these challenges by building, implementing and supporting great software, enabling them to create an intelligent bank that can achieve its strategic objectives. Therefore, our new company motto is “Powering the Intelligent Bank!” We are passionate about being our clients’ first choice for innovation, quality, high-value, and service by anticipating their needs while sustaining a relationship of mutual trust.

To continuously examine our organization’s health and performance, protect our leadership position as the number one software solution provider for the Islamic finance industry, and develop deeper and broader client relationships, we have recently embarked on a journey of rejuvenation at Path Solutions. We launched a company-wide program that is based on three pillars: Digital, Intelligence and Innovation by building upon our open platform that is digitally powered, with intelligence running deep into the core, and ignited by continuous innovation. We are aggressively investing in our assets and advanced offerings to achieve true differentiation.

Our distinctive brand and undisputed leadership position in our segment are a direct result of our team’s hard work and dedication. A team that is diversified in skills, experiences, backgrounds and competencies to deliver the one thing that our clients demand most – results. Over our long history, we have successfully created an environment that attracts, develops, and excites the best people with the highest qualifications and have given them the support and motivation they need to reach their full potential. We draw from this tremendous source of talent to forge a great company that is considered one of the most distinguished companies in our industry.

We have built this company based on a solid value system and a strong ethical code that guide our daily actions. At its heart, lies our passion for building software that combines the power of technology with comprehensive functionality to serve our esteemed clients.

Welcome to Path Solutions. We look forward to serving you.

Mohammed Kateeb
Group Chairman & CEO

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