Core Banking

Retail Banking


Banking innovation in retail banking is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. With clients targeted toward digital solutions, regulations constantly evolving, and new technologies being exposed in the financial and banking world, it is becoming vital to have retail banking solutions serving all those needs in an agile way.

With its integrated retail banking suite, Path Solutions provides the services and technologies to support retail banks in their digital transformation journey. This allows them to adapt and succeed in this rapidly changing financial landscape.

Robust Accounting System

Covers international and local accounting standards through a comprehensive chart of accounts and dynamic general ledgers

Branch Automation

Offers a comprehensive, advanced and dynamic suite of banking products and services

Digitally Enabled

Improves customer interaction and engagement while optimizing the value of each customer relationship across all touchpoints

Risk and Compliance

Enables management of risks through various analytical features ensuring alignment with financial regulations

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Exposes retail banking services through web services

Corporate Banking


Corporate banking is a key profit center for most banks, and it has proved to be the biggest revenue generating segment for financial institutions over the years. There has been a growing need for interrelated and interconnected products across the business banking sphere, thus offerings to institutional and corporate customers are evolving to meet the demands and needs of those market players.

Encompassing corporate loans, facility management, international transactions and payments, trade finance, and enterprise credit and treasury operations, our solution serves in particular this banking segment with customized solutions.

Facility Management

Possesses an all-inclusive view of corporate customers and their multiple financing needs

Trade Finance

Makes international transactions at the service of a domestic financial institution

Institutional Credit

Provides multiple lines of credit and corporate loans for business operations and capital expenditures

Treasury Operations

Caters to the institution’s daily, medium and long-term treasury transactions

Foreign Exchange Facilities

Accommodates customers’ growing needs for foreign exchange products for cross-border transactions

Investment banking


Investment banking and wealth management continue to be transformed by increasing regulation, operational losses, advancing technology and enhanced risk management and compliance requirements. Protecting and enhancing a financial institution’s reputation as well as rebuilding investor confidence and trust, have become top priorities. A solid IT infrastructure is paramount in navigating today’s challenges while trying to match evolving customer needs.

Our investment banking platform provides just that. An efficient, easy-to-use, compliance-rooted solution, which enables our clients to perform the most complex of transactions and deals in a seamless manner.

We offer a solution that includes all asset classes traded in global financial markets coupled with a dynamic treasury platform covering the institution’s most complex liquidity, position, and exposure management practices.

Asset Classes

Includes the trading and settlement of different types of internationally traded securities

Investment Management

Supports proprietary bank portfolios and customers’ assets under management

Customizable Fiscal Implications

Boasts an accounting schema that is highly parametrizable according to business functions

Treasury Operations

Encompasses a wide range of products for overnight and long-term treasury operations

IFRS 9 Compliance

Supports the recognition, classification, and recording of financial assets based on the latest standards

Dashboard Reporting

Provides up-to-date data related to the institution’s liquidity and cash positions

Exposure Monitoring

Monitors the exposure of bank portfolios against predefined regulatory and bank-specific limits

Portfolio Modeling

Allows setting up a benchmark portfolio for performance tracking and return calculations

Risk Management

Incorporates counterparty credit risk analysis, expected credit losses, and value at risk (VaR)



The microfinance industry is of vital importance for the overall productivity of an economy, providing much needed financial assistance for a customer base that would otherwise not be able to have access to the financial system.

Path Solutions understands the strategic role of this segment and has worked tirelessly to develop a solution that has both the institution and its individual customer at the base of its offering, covering an array of products and services specifically designed to provide those with limited resources and funds to obtain loans, credit, and insurance for both personal and business uses.

Multi-Currency Support

Allows transacting in multiple currencies with live exchange rates across the platform

Multi-Branch Support

Supports different branches within one organization while handling the full cycle of the process

Credit Scoring

Calculates customer scores based on the bank’s own parameters and business rules


Handles provisions with different ratios for different products, deal types, and customer types


Has a dynamic schema that is parametrizable and editable by deal or transaction type

Flexible Repayment Calculations

Maintains different repayment calculations with diverse schedules and tenures

Multilingual Support

Supports multiple languages including French, Arabic and more