Delivery Channels

Customer Relationship Management

In today’s fast-paced business environment, business communication has become a crucial aspect of any financial institution’s success. Companies are facing several challenges such as: Acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones and satisfying customer needs.

Financial institutions use different applications to store data; it is vital that these applications communicate with each other so data won’t wind up in silos. Else, it would be impossible to get a complete view of the real business to make the right decision.

When it comes to CRM solutions, no one size fits all, that is why Path Solutions has designed iMAL*CRMPlus to deliver unique customer experience, break silos, bridge gaps, empower employees, for better financial performance, stronger brand value, and improved customer loyalty.

iMAL*CRMPlus is a highly customizable solution that helps banks meet the overall goals of customer relationship management. It also offers them new opportunities of expansion and growth by widening their market share through attracting new customers, retaining existing ones as well as reducing the cost of marketing services.

Moreover, iMAL*CRMPlus is a web-based application for supporting processes implemented by a financial institution when handling customers’ contacts. It also caters for storing information on current and potential customers.

The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Its ultimate purpose is to achieve greater profit by providing superior service to customers, and reduce costs and complaints by offering services to clients like case management.

Information in iMAL*CRMPlus is related to three main areas of operations: Sales, Marketing, and Services. This system provides lead tracking and salesforce management, campaign management, cases and complaint management, customer 360-degree view, portfolio positions, customer feedback and satisfaction.

The solution will also allow banks to improve strategic decision making by gaining deeper understanding of business and team performance through graphical dashboards, advanced business analytics tools and powerful reports.

Retail Banking

iMAL*2RetailPortal represents a convenient and user-friendly online banking service that can be offered by financial institutions to their retail customers.

The system provides customers with an easy, fast, and secured access to their banking accounts, portfolios, positions and related transactions. Through iMAL*2RetailPortal, registered customers can perform banking transactions like fund transfers, utility bill payments, and financing repayments. It also allows registered customers to apply for various banking products such as cards, cheque book requests and financing facilities. In addition, customers can apply for trade finance documents issuance and investment orders.

Built on a J2EE platform, the iMAL*2RetailPortal solution is designed for intensive deployment environments that demand scalability and high availability.

iMAL*2RetailPortal is a secure hub where customers can perform safe banking. Advanced and common security practices are supported including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, password management, user account management, user activity logging, database security, session management, and other basic protective features.

The solution has the flexibility to integrate with third party systems by using their business services to provide a complete set of banking services fulfilling all customers’ needs.

Corporate Banking

iMAL*2CorporatePortal enables financial institutions to offer their corporate customers highly secure and advanced online banking services.

Through a highly flexible system, financial managers of government agencies, large corporations and SMEs can manage cash and accounts, liquidity, investments, and financings.

They can also check the available reports covering their different banking transactions and requests. Built on a J2EE platform, the iMAL*2CorporatePortal solution for corporate banking is designed for intensive deployment environments that demand scalability and high availability.

iMAL*2CorporatePortal uses high security features, making it a safe zone for corporate customers. Security features include multi-factor authentication, data encryption, user and password management, financial transaction approval matrix, database security, session management, flow activity reports, and other protective features.

The solution has the flexibility to integrate with third party systems by using their business services to provide a complete set of banking services fulfilling all customers’ needs.

Mobile Banking

iMAL*2Mobile is another member of the iMAL Delivery Channels offering. It provides financial institutions with high security standards and features that cover both the server and the client’s sides. Also supporting the essential mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. It allows financial institutions to utilize the mostly used browsers including Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox mobile.

iMAL*2Mobile provides the customers of financial institutions with the ability to use the Web browser or to download native mobile app on their mobile phones as a gateway to Online Banking services. Customers are capable of performing various banking operations like checking their account positions, fund transfers, bill payments, and other retail services.

The solution has the flexibility to integrate with third party systems by using their business services to provide a complete set of banking services fulfilling all customers’ needs.

Social Banking

Nowadays, financial markets are going through innovations in customer preference services. The rapid adoption of interactive technologies has transformed the entire banking industry, whereby the client decides how to interact with his financial partner.

In fact, providing banking services over social media platforms is one of the strategies with the most promising projection in financial innovation which all banks are trying to achieve. It affects the financial services in so many ways and it simplifies customers’ financial activities by allowing them to perform banking operations in a fast and secure way.

To keep up with the trend in a competitive landscape, Path Solutions has designed a highly secured iMAL*SocialBanking solution to help banks offer their growing customer base a quick and convenient method to execute their banking transactions. This application provides an innovative, technology-driven deviation from the traditional banking model where customers experience an efficient, effective operating model enabled by digital channels: Twitter direct messages and Facebook interface.

iMAL*SocialBanking allows customers to perform several banking transactions online like balance enquiry, or view their last transactions, open new accounts, and transfer money to listed friends.

Social Management

Nowadays, the majority of financial institutions are using social media as a new digital touchpoint; therefore, control and supervision tools are required to ensure compliant real-time and/or scheduled publishing of social media content that meets FCA, FINRA, SEC, and NASD rules.

Path Solutions has responded to this need by launching iMAL*SocialManagement, a standalone social channel offering with a secure cloud single sign-on (SSO) interface ensuring total control of real-time social media management of communication policies and compliance. It allows financial institutions to manage and supervise incoming and outgoing social media interactions, to immediately respond to customer needs and ensure real-time social media controlled and compliant communication.

The solution has an advanced routing workflow to capture and control the response of every social media communication. It also ensures that all interactions are captured, recorded, stored, and managed safely.

Among its many features:-

  • Protecting against social media abuse and brand damage, whereby automatically detecting and hiding inappropriate social media messages
  • Automatically capturing, indexing and archiving social media messages
  • Analyzing the sentiment of social media messages
  • Automatically routing social media messages to the right teams
  • Resolving complaints in a fast way
  • Controlling and supervising outgoing social media messages
  • Providing comprehensive search of stored messages.