Financial Business Solutions

Branch Automation


With the evolving banking regulatory landscape and the highly anticipated market needs for Automation, our platform is the one needed to help banks adapt to the growing challenges, provide an advanced and dynamic suite of products and services to accelerate their business through digital transformation.

Complete Suite of Banking Products

Provides a wide range of solutions to cater to customer needs while handling the most sophisticated banking requirements

Customer Onboarding and KYC

Offers a dynamic KYC form based on the financial institution’s needs to collect customer information upon onboarding and ensure that customers’ activities are appropriate

Operations and Payment Management

Provides the necessary tools to make and manage payments and transfer funds across channels

Customized Business Validations

Provides flexible and custom-tailored business tools to support the financial institution exclusive needs

360-Degree View

Provides a 360-degree view feature for all customer products, accounts, transactions and facilities

SWIFT Integration

Automatically sends the corresponding messages upon transaction/transfer approval



Our Financing platform is an outstanding banking solution that covers the full spectrum of financial products catering for international and market-specific business needs.

Being dynamic and highly parametrized, it provides an unparalleled personalized customer experience with quick time to market that guarantees increase in customer retention and organization’s profitability.

Personalized Offers

Enhances customer experience with personalized offers and faster time to market roll-out

Loan Origination

Empowers banks through process optimization and Automation of complex business models for faster turnaround time

Facility Management

Efficient management of the facility cycle, capturing related data for retail, corporate and treasury limits with straight-through processing for added flexibility

Dynamic Flow

Supports financing rescheduling and restructuring, charges and penalty calculations, variable payment calculation methods, deal switching and merging, skipping instalments, advance and early settlements

Profit Distribution

Profit distribution and management of multi-currency pools linked to investments and deposits


Automated provision calculation for anticipated loss and liability based on predefined criteria and business rules in compliance with IFRS 9 and local regulations


Facilitates delinquency management and tracking of non-performing assets through collection and litigation procedures

SWIFT Integration

Automatically sends the corresponding messages upon trades approval / settlement


In full compliance with Sharia rules and principles. The solution supports a wide spectrum of Islamic approved instruments such as Murabaha, Tawarruq, Musharaka, Mudaraba, Ijara, Istisna, Salam, Qard Hasan, project financing, real estate investments, and financing of letters of credit.

Trade Finance


We offer a comprehensive platform that covers the full range of Trade Finance operations as well as structured trade products. Supporting growth and revenue maximization, the solution aims at mitigating counterparty and country risks, in addition to automating business flows and operations.

Products such as letters of credit, bills for collection, and letters of guarantees are tailored and customized to meet any business need, be it domestic or international.

Comprehensive Process Flow

A complete solution from request to settlement, catering to all business needs whether specific, international or central bank regulations

End-to-End Integration

Being integrated with digital channels for optimal customer experience and connected with core banking and financing platforms, it consequently enables the full support of the financing trade life cycle

Agility and Customization

High flexibility and customization with fast time to market for new products

Visibility and Traceability

Provides greater visibility on the trade financing operations at every step of the process flow

SWIFT Integration

Full compliance with latest standards and regulations with future-proof roadmap

Financing of High Value Transactions

Facilitates trading in emerging markets of cross-border high value transactions, through structured trade finance and supply chain finance



Our Investment solution equips our clients with the best tools and functionalities available for an efficient and effective processing of financial assets and auxiliary transactions. The suite includes a comprehensive portfolio management workflow, comprising scenario analysis and simulation of risk and return characteristics. The solution boosts a compliance embedded framework, and acts in favor of all parties involved including standard setters, counterparties, and end clients. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with the ease of transacting, renders it one of the most resourceful platforms to use.

The following asset classes, along with their related corporate actions are fully supported: Equities, fixed income securities, derivatives, alternative investments, commodities and funds.

Portfolio Management

Offers management of the institution’s proprietary portfolios as well as customers’ portfolios with a comprehensive list of account statements, holding reports and mark-to-market practices

Dynamic Parameterization

Allows parameterizing market standards as well as bank specific security types and securities, in addition to financial intermediaries and related functions

Trade Processing and Settlement

Purchase and sale of securities of different asset classes, in addition to the execution of the related corporate actions

SWIFT Integration

Automatically sends the corresponding messages upon trades approval or settlement

Funds Management

Administers investment and mutual funds including subscription, redemption, capital distribution, and NAV calculation based on different periodicities

Limit Management

Includes a dynamic and customizable limit management interface allowing the bank to set a maximum investment percentage based on asset class, economic sector, dealer exposure, etc.

Initial Public Offering

Handles the lifecycle of a soon-to-be issued security into the capital markets allowing liquidity and exposure to the issuing corporation

Market Integration

Integrates with data providers such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, allowing the data extraction and back-office processing of transactions executed through these terminals



The ever-increasing need of an experienced Treasury team is codependent upon having a sound Treasury platform. The Treasury is at the heart of the financial institution’s operations and there is a considerable need for impeccable liquidity and Treasury management operations. Our solution encompasses all the winning components needed to strive in a changing financial services landscape as a whole, and the developing Treasury and cash management scene in particular. The solution boasts a wide range of products, spanning from the very basic money market operations to the more complex financial derivatives solutions needed to mitigate exposures in an internationally connected marketplace.

Treasury Dashboard

Real-time data showcasing the institution’s exposure to different currencies, maturities, counterparties, and dealers

Interest Rate Derivatives

Supports hedging activities against floating rate exposures and executes derivative transactions

Money Market Operations

Hosts a myriad of money market products serving the institution’s overnight and medium-term needs

Floating Rates Management

Includes products based on international and domestic reference rates; caters pricing and valuation

SWIFT Integration

Automatically sends the corresponding messages upon trades approval or settlement

Market Interfaces

Connects with real-time data providers to fetch information such as currency exchange rates and references rates, in addition to trade processing

Limit Management

Integrates wholly with limit management with online controls on limits during transaction processing

Cash Flow Monitoring

Robust correspondent banking liquidity management framework with flexible data architecture that shifts cash flow monitoring from being reactive to becoming a proactive and predictive function for reduced risks and improved profitability

Customer Relationship Management


This is a highly customizable solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The solution helps banks meet the overall goals of Customer Relationship Management, while offering them new opportunities of expansion and growth by widening their market share through attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, as well as reducing the cost of marketing services. The ultimate purpose of this solution is to reduce operational costs and increase the bank’s profit by providing an enhanced and superior customer service.

360-Degree Customer View

Single and unified 360-degree view of all customer data and interactions, including account information, interaction history, banking preferences and customer profitability

Business Analytics Tools

Gain deeper understanding of business and team performance through graphical dashboards, contextual analytics, and powerful reports

Customer Service Management

Understand customer preferences and provide superior advisory services to improve wallet share, customer retention and loyalty

Marketing Automation

Identify high-value targets, segment customers, build lists of prospects, and develop targeted marketing campaigns to attract new customers

Boost Sales Performance

Improve cross-sell conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and improve sales forecast accuracy with repeatable sales processes and intelligent workflows

Highly Customizable

Take advantage of drag-and-drop customization tools and flexible model to tailor CRM to your specific needs so you can bring new services to market quickly and cost-effectively

HR & Payroll


HR & Payroll plays a strategic role in helping organizations automate the key activities of human resources and payroll management. It provides comprehensive support of the company’s hire-to-retire cycle and payroll processes, with a fully integrated range of functions. It also empowers and engages employees by giving them more autonomy and control.

Employee Data Management

Elaborate employee data readily available at the management fingertips

Ease of Communication

Handle employee requests, publishing of corporate policies and procedures, communication with peers and HR professionals

Accurate and Timely Payment

Flexible payroll processes with accurate calculation and timely payment of salaries and sending encrypted payslips via emails

Alerts and Notifications

Alert mechanism and notifications at each level enables timely action from the employees, managers and HR team

Dynamic Workflow

Dynamic workflow setup depending on each transaction type or event automatically drives each of the transactions

Reporting & Analytics

Availability of reports for employees and line managers, HR specific reports, management dashboards and organization structure charts

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Manage your risk effectively with our GRC suite!

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance suite provides powerful, highly parameterized, and yet easy-to-use solutions for several risk areas and compliance requirements. It allows financial institutions to proactively manage their risks through various detailed management and analytical features, such as what-if analysis, sensitivity analysis, and stress testing.

It also offers ready-to-deploy comprehensive dashboards, reports, and analytics tools for both regulatory and the institution’s own risk management needs.

Basel II and Basel III

Risk Weighted Assets (RWA) and Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) and is compliant with the Basel II/III Accords and IFSB Capital Adequacy Standards

Credit Risk

Enhanced credit risk analytics, including credit portfolio analysis, modeling of default probabilities and credit risk metrics

Market Risk and ALM

Advanced risk analytics, including VaR computation at instrument and portfolio levels, hedge-effectiveness testing, cash flow discounting siloes, trend analysis and other liquidity risk indicators

Stress Testing

Indicates how much capital might be needed to absorb losses if worst‐case scenarios materialize, provides forward-looking assessment of risks and facilitates capital allocation and liquidity management

Operational Risk and Governance Component

Incident management and data collection framework with risk register, risk and control self-assessment led by detailed KRI/KCI analysis

IFRS 9 Compliance

Forecasts credit losses under different market conditions and computes the required provisions with preconfigured methods for estimating loan loss provisions ensuring compliance with IFRS 9 regulations

Central Bank Reporting

Built-in Central Bank reports for different countries, based on predefined templates and customized to suit local regulators’ needs

Financial Consolidation

Robust system that permits to consolidate the financial statements of a group in order to be presented as a single economic entity with flexible, accurate and rapid reporting

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

Designed to allow banks to comply with FATCA via identifying U.S. account holders, reporting to IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and processing penalty of withholding tax for recalcitrant account holders.

CRS (Common Reporting Standards)

Allows the automatic exchange of financial account information for disclosure of income earned by individuals and organizations

Anti-Money Laundering


Our Anti-Money Laundering solution helps financial institutions safeguard their reputations and avoid penalties associated with non-compliance. It uses a grouping of behavioral and analytics techniques that lead to improved detection precision:

  • Analysts and investigators are able to make determinations quickly and more professionally due to the efficient user interface provided
  • Users can quickly navigate between suspicious customers due to the interactivity available in AML program
  • Reduced time required to interpret in the system any new or updated scenario recommended or issued by any authority or organization
  • Holistic visualization providing financial institutions with accurate monitoring.

Prompt Detection

Delivers the right information at the right time to the Compliance officer for fast and efficient action

Best Practices

Provides best practices in AML typologies respecting FATF and other organizations and committees recommendations and regulations

Dynamic Setup

Accommodates the rapid transformation of regulations and environments

Cost Efficiency

Grows with the financial institution’s operations and matches the technological advancements in the industry

Customer Due Diligence Program

Provides the bank with the ability to know each customer and understand the potential reputational risks that each customer may tolerate

Customer Onboarding and KYC

Dynamic KYC form based on the financial institution’s needs to collect customer information upon onboarding and ensure that its customers’ activities are appropriate

Blacklist Management

Complete workflow in sanctions list with the flexibility to upload any list and matching capabilities through different rules and algorithms

Customer Risk Profiling

Customer profiling upon onboarding to assess the AML risk level based on several aspects or dimensions

Global Dashboards

Holistic view to Compliance officers on customers’ activities including AML with generated alerts

Case Management

Flexible workflow allowing the financial institution to organize, prioritize, manage investigations and do the proper assignment when an alert needs deep review

Reporting and Dashboarding

Robust reporting engine and customizable embedded dashboards