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The emergence and growth of the Islamic finance industry is a phenomenon that has generated considerable interest in the financial world, given its ability to offer innovative financial solutions to an under-served market in the Muslim world, and increasingly in the West, where significant segments of the institutional and retail markets are actively considering this alternative for their financing and investment needs.

iSHRAQ suite of products provides Islamic based financial and investment solutions to clients specializing in Sharia investments, to bring the best of Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Real Estate Investment, and Wealth Management services in a Sharia-compliant manner.

iSHRAQ’s in-depth research, technical analysis and powerful trading tools coupled with highest standards of service are tailored to suit the requirements of investors, providing a complete financial suite to investors to pursue their investment goals with a dedicated team of brokers and an advanced e-trading portal which enables investors to buy and sell securities with ease, anywhere, anytime.

Although representing only one percent of the world assets, Islamic finance has a significant potential to access unprecedented financing opportunities for millions of Muslims through the suite of Islamic financial and treasury products that iSHRAQ provides.

iSHRAQ suite is also a powerful solution to the booming Microfinance industry and for non-for-profit funds of poor nations.

iSHRAQ suite was architected using state-of-the-art technology that relies on web and web services while maintaining the competent traits for such solutions in terms of security, stability, and user friendliness. We, at Path Solutions believe in offering reliable, flexible and innovative software solutions while delivering exceptional client experience through our continuous pursuit of both client success and outstanding business results.

Microfinance is the provision of financial services to those who need microcredits. It presents a series of exciting possibilities for extending markets, improving livelihoods and fostering social as well as economic empowerment. Today, the World Bank estimates that about 160 million people in developing countries are served by microfinance. Playing a major role in the development of nations across Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America, microfinance offers low-income individuals access to basic financial services such as loans, deposits, savings, payment services, money transfers and micro-insurance.

Demand for microfinance by non-bank financial institutions, credit unions and co-operative banks is rising steadily as they recognise the strategic value of extending their reach to new customers and as the industry yields both financial and social returns. Hence, innovation in microfinance continues to evolve to cover microcredits for agriculture, fisheries, small scale retailers, distributors, laborers, education and scholarships, construction and others.

Path Solutions’iSHRAQ*Microfinance is a proven software that adopts forward-thinking best practices to support microfinance institutions’ profitability and growth. The solution is a reasonable and affordable investment for technology. It provides microfinance institutions with alternate channels such as POS and mobile banking, using the branchless banking concept for online, real time secure services. It also comes with all the control, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability benefits needed to allow microfinance institutions to focus on their core business areas.

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