Implementation & Training

Path Solutions provides leading-edge software solutions to the Islamic financial services industry, demanding knowledge transfer during and post-implementation.

By combining years of software development with industry best practice in implementation and training, Path Solutions has obtained a unique implementation approach – one that ensures our clients are fully capable to get the most from their software investment.

Training plays a critical role in the adoption of new technologies. Trainings at Path Solutions are delivered by senior business consultants, who have a broad experience in working with our applications. Being part of our organization, they are up to date with our latest product releases and upgrades. All necessary documentation, user guides and other materials are supplied to assist in the implementation and training process.

Our training programs range from basic training to get you up and running with our solutions, to advanced training that teaches you how to customize our solutions to meet your organisation special needs. All trainings are hands-on and cover all modules installed, providing users with the information and aptitude to make optimum use of our solutions. Our team is with you throughout the engagement with the type of industry knowledge that is necessary to insure both a smooth and effective deployment of our solutions.