This solution enables small financial institutions to run the mass retail services that comprise microfinance and community banking at lower cost. The system delivers high security, efficiency, resilience and cost savings for financial institutions assisting them to develop loan programs to finance projects, training and education.

Key Features

  • Multi-currency/multilingual/multi company/multi branches
  • Real time processing/back date transaction / task list Custom fields and forms
  • More than 100 standard reports
  • Regulatory bank reporting
  • Loan repayment performance highlights
  • Insurance details tracking
  • Refinancing loans/top-ups
  • Batch disbursements/rescheduling/pay off
  • Loan history tracking
  • Credit scoring module
  • Group meetings and schedules synchronization
  • Client group exits tracking for reinstatement and savings refund Salaried loans eligibility set up
  • Detailed loan management (from application write off/pay off)

Benefits To Businesses

  • Very fast and easy to import and export data in any format
  • Customizable interest procedure that allows customers and businesses to enjoy the changing interest rates in the market
  • Accurate and efficient MIS reports for analysis of business profit and loss
  • Consolidated balance sheet for different branches
  • User friendly customer query and dashboard; users can view a variety of business and customer information all in one screen
  • Increased customer margin with easy integration to altemate channels such as POS
  • Increased customer service efficiency, with faster transaction, loan and group processing

Benefits To Customers

  • Easy integration to alternate channels; customers can access the financial services at their convenience
  • Faster and convenient processing of transactions, loans and member registration
  • Flexible interest rates and rescheduling of loans for individual customer
  • Friendly integration of group meetings with group loan schedule for repayments

Integrated Solution

iSHRAQ Microfinance has been tested and proven to integrate with the following:

  • POS
  • Internet Banking
  • Other vendor solutions