Path Solutions, DocuWare partner on Document Management Solution

Path Solutions, DocuWare partner on Document Management Solution

Path Solutions, the market leading provider of Islamic and investment software solutions and DocuWare, a global provider of integrated document management solutions, represented by ITEC Image Technologies in the GCC, Levant, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, have entered into a strategic agreement to deliver document management system solutions to banks and financial institutions.

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Germany, DocuWare is an international company offering Integrated Document Management Systems (IDMS) solutions that target small to mid-sized financial institutions, government agencies and departments in large organizations. ITEC Image Technologies, the authorized and licensed representative of DocuWare software products, is headquartered in Jordan with an active branch in Bahrain and has been providing latest technologies in e-Document and e-Process solutions to commercial and governmental clients in the Arab world, for more than 20 years.

DocuWare offers state-of-the-art document management system software for professional Enterprise Content Management that will enable Path Solutions’ clients to manage, monitor and search their documents electronically in an optimized and efficient way. Regardless the documents’ source or format, they can be processed automatically. This means that both paper and electronic documents such as correspondences, records, e-mail, MS Office, spool files and many others can be stored, shared and managed from a centralized document pool. Additional records management features ensure that access to documents and their contents is secure, controlled and logged at all times.

Commenting on this partnership, Path Solutions’ Group Chairman & CEO, Mohammed Kateeb said, “We are proud to welcome ITEC Image Technologies in our partner ecosystem. This partnership is indeed a significant step to enhance and extend the value of integrated technology. This solution will help banks address their day-to-day challenges in managing and organizing all documents electronically and to cater more closely to the demands of customers”.

For his part, Mohamad Ameer Al Dirini, Executive Manager, ITEC Image Technologies commented, “It is a great pleasure for us to partner with Path Solutions, a recognized leader in the Islamic banking software market. This partnership will enable us to target a strategic growth area and offer Islamic banks the latest technologies in document management. Our solution combined with Path Solutions’ offering will guarantee a very high return on investment and create value for the organization”.

According to a recent survey, 83% of financial institutions see a positive ROI from investments in document management software. The biggest paybacks using this software come through faster access to a centralized document repository.

About DocuWare

Founded in 1988, DocuWare has over 10,000 installations and over one hundred thousand satisfied users daily in over 70 countries. This Integrated Document Management Systems (IDMS) producer offers solutions that target small to mid-sized companies, government agencies and departments in large organizations. Over 400 Authorized DocuWare Partners make up a worldwide independent reseller network, employing over 1000 DocuWare experts who bring DocuWare close to its customers.

DocuWare AG is based in Germering near Munich, Germany. The company’s US subsidiary, DocuWare Corporation, is located in Newburgh, New York and is responsible for all activities in North, Central and South America. DocuWare Ltd., its subsidiary in Weybridge, Surrey, handles all activities for Great Britain and Ireland. DocuWare S.L. located in Barcelona is responsible for the market in Spain and DocuWare SARL is located in Paris and attends to France and francophone Africa.

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About ITEC Image Technologies

In 1991, Image Technologies (ITEC) was established in Amman to become one of the leading providers of Electronic Document Management (EDM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions.

Since the launch of its operations, ITEC expanded its network of regional partners to include Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, in addition to a fully operational office in Bahrain.

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