Transforming Banks Digitally During COVID-19 and Beyond!

Transforming Banks Digitally During COVID-19 and Beyond!

COVID-19 has become a catalyst for change in the switch to digital, accelerating digital transformation in the banking and finance industry. The necessity for digital services, personalized product offerings and remote accessibility have become the norm in the time of a pandemic, with a significant uptake in the provision of digital technology solutions.

McKinsey & Company predicted that COVID-19 will change consumer behavior forever, and the recovery will be only digital, and that acceleration of digital capabilities will become an irreversible requirement, making banks move faster than ever to launch an advanced portfolio of digital services.

Following the rise in demand for digital banking services, Path Solutions – the market-leading provider of Sharia-compliant digital solutions to the financial services industry, has successfully concluded its first webinar entitled “Transforming Banks Digitally During COVID-19 and Beyond!” on August 18.

A large number of participants from over 20 countries have listened to our Subject Matter Expert, Rami Roukoss, who has delved into the areas of concern IT personnel need to navigate to manage today’s challenging shifts in customer preferences, and how to rapidly innovate to redesign customer journeys.

Roukoss stated that developing digital-first services will not only enhance customer experience, it will also increase the bank’s appeal to potential customers who are looking to transition to more accessible and convenient banking alternatives.

If you missed the chance to listen to this webinar, and interested in how Path Solutions can position your institution at the forefront of the longer-term shifts in customer behavior and banking attitudes that resulted from COVID-19 and will remain post-pandemic, request the on-demand webinar today.