Our Strength

Path Solutions emerges through its products, services, knowledgebase library, processes, people quality and our deep competence and attention to the finance industry requirements and mindset along with our people’s applied experience in the financial services industry’s business processes and operations.

Path Solutions provides robust solutions for the Islamic and investment banking segment. At the time when Islamic banking was still in its infancy, Path Solutions focused on designing and developing integrated solutions to specifically address the needs of the Islamic finance sector.

Strategic Approach

Intense competition in banking and finance shorten product life cycles. To overcome these challenges, Path Solutions has focused on delivering technological initiatives to further speed their development and growth analysis.

Specialized Solutions

Path Solutions focused on designing and developing a comprehensive enterprise solution to specifically address all the needs of the Banks and financial institutions at a global level and in specific the region.

Solution Flexibility

Being user definable and modular in approach, our solution offers total flexibility. This allows our clients to select only those modules that are required to support their own business requirements. It also means that the solution can be fully parameterized to enable our clients align with industry best practices.

Business Know-How

The extensive business know-how, best practices and in-house knowledge base, in the field of banking and finance at a global level and Islamic banking and finance at a specialized level, are reflected in every single interaction with our qualified, competent and experienced business consultants.
With proven methodologies, excellent track record, and zero learning curves, our clients benefit from faster and effective implementations.

Single Supplier

Path Solutions develops IT solutions to the complex financial industry, based on a modular approach, and at the same time, ensures full and seamless integration among the different modules.
With the breadth and depth of our products and services, our clients can benefit from the lowest Total Cost of Ownership by dealing with a single supplier.

Support Centre

Our knowledgeable support team is famed for its extensive business and technical know-how to respond to the client queries and concerns as to ensure immediate and prompt support.
A range of services including consultancy, project management, training and assistance are made available by Path Solutions’ team when needed.