Path Intelligence


Path Intelligence taps into the most powerful asset: “DATA”!

Path Intelligence is a platform that enables banks to harness data and analyze it intelligently using the enterprise data lake. It provides significant competitive advantages and helps transform the bank’s business into becoming analytically focused and customer-centric.

Our strategic Business Intelligence platform empowers bankers to make smarter, faster, and more effective decisions, improving efficiency throughout the business. It enables business agility while driving innovation, competitive differentiation, and profitable growth.

This Machine Learning driven platform enables banks to leverage both structured and unstructured data, and transform it into valuable intelligence and predictive insights, with the customized AI based solutions covering customer insights, risk insights, fraud detection and other tailored applications.

Achieve Organizational Objectives

Holistic view of the institution activities and performance in various dimensions for C-level executives

Promote Fact-Based

Transformation of enterprise data into information, and information into game-changing knowledge creating actionable plans that drive effective business activity

Obtain Insight through Multiple Channels

Ready-to-deploy dashboards, reports, analytics, and powerful visual illustrations for the meaningful comprehension and representation of data

Deliver Personalized Banking Experience

Clear access to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, identify churn trends, improve customer satisfaction, enhance risk assessment practices, identify fraudulent transactions, and provide advanced financial analysis

Leverage Latest Technologies

Make the most out of cutting-edge technologies by combining the power of Big Data, Machine Learning, and analytics to navigate your bank to an intelligent, distributed, fault-tolerant institute

Enterprise Data Lake


Nowadays, banks’ success is determined by how data-driven they are and how committed they are to investing in Big Data solutions and technologies. Such technologies will combine a multitude of data types: Unstructured data from sources such as emails and social media sites, structured data from core banking and others stems, and semi-structured data such as ATM logs.

Our Enterprise Data Lake provides the bank with a single version of the truth, where all the bank’s data is ingested into one banking data model showing the bank all its data regardless of its origin. The data lake is distributed, fault tolerant, and insight-enabled.

Open Source Technologies with Cost-Free Software

Our data lake harnesses the power of cutting-edge and open-source technologies for distributed storage and processing, enabling the intelligent bank to come to life

Scalability, Performance and Unlimited Storage

Scalable infrastructure enabling the bank to expand and shrink as per their needs while offering unlimited storage and performance across a set of commodity servers

Data Ingestion

Consolidate data from internal and external sources, track data lineage, and reduce errors and inconsistencies with embedded data quality tools

Data Streaming

Unlock real-time data by providing highly scalable data streaming and data extraction from systems with data too precious to be analyzed offline. Our data lake is seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge streaming platforms such as Apache Kafka.

Operational Data Store

Multi-layered data lakes enable banks to stage their data in a way that leverages the power of each. Raw data, staging data, and curated data – all stored and available for consumption by various systems – enable banks to have a knowledge infrastructure based on a single data hub.

ML Studio


The Machine Learning Studio is an interface for the bank’s IT and data scientists to create and calibrate their statistical models as per their needs while exposing them for consumption using web services.

Customized Models

ML Studio gives banks the ability to customize the way they want to handle data from A to Z, providing valuable insights for various consuming applications

Data Source Varieties

Built on top of the Enterprise Data Lake, ML Studio has the ability to connect to all the bank’s data to build its models, enabling the bank to do pattern recognition and predictive analytics on all its data

Feature Engineering

As part of any modeling exercise, Feature Engineering is the most important one. Using ML Studio, banks have the opportunity to take part in this exercise by calibrating the way features are chosen, created, and eliminated

Preprocessing Capabilities

Banks can take part in this most important step of data preparation – preprocessing. Using ML Studio, banks can moderate each step in the way by setting proper thresholds in a highly parametric platform

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning is a vast world with constant optimizations taking place. ML Studio gives banks the ability to select which algorithms to choose from, set proper values for hyperparameters, and choose the optimized ones as selected by our processing engine

Analytics and Intelligence


Generate insights from your data!

With the influx of transactions that occur on daily basis in a bank, maintaining one single view of different operations is essential in order to grow the institution’s niche market and avoid financial losses.

Our Analytics & Intelligence suite – in full integration with our flagship core banking system and with the ability to integrate with other core banking systems and data sources – provides financial institutions with simple, graphic representations of the bank’s data to measure and monitor the institution’s financial overall health, performance, and profitability.

Data Warehouse

Comprehensive end-to-end data warehousing solution including an automated ETL process and a progressive data model

Visual Discovery

Powered by Microsoft Power BI, it provides native apps for tablets and smartphones with highly visual, interactive and collaborative dashboards backed by centralised metadata security.


Empowers the bank’s workforce to build ad-hoc dashboards, in-memory, to portray graphical representations of their data queries

Out-of-the Box Dashboards

Comprehensive data marts equipped with standard facts and dimensions as well as progressive measures, and rich in out-of-the-box dashboards, covering financial accounting, retail banking, corporate banking, investments, trade finance, limits, etc.

Profit Analytics

Profitability for different dimensions such as branch, department, and product down to customer level, with trend analysis overlooking both monthly and yearly growth, including funds transfer pricing and indirect cost allocations

Analytics for Executives

C-level executives analytics boosting a base set of KPIs, dashboards and advanced analytics which are essential to each executive

Embedded Analytics

Integration of analytics dashboards within core banking applications

Predictive Analytics


Take the next step to maximize value from your Analytics!

Path Intelligence offers banks predictive Analytics using advanced Machine Learning algorithms managed through a comprehensive modelling interface, enabling digital transformation across all business areas.

Powered by the latest technologies in Machine Learning, this full-fledged Predictive Analytics suite within Path Intelligence platform enables banks to perform data mining on multiple use cases. Using the most advanced algorithms, banks’ analysts and data scientists will now be able explore the data, uncover hidden patterns, and predict future trends.

This offering is leveraged by the Enterprise Data Lake that will allow banks to explore both structured and unstructured data, as well as maintain competitive advantage, all while delivering advanced and innovative service to their customers.

Statistical Analysis

Helping banks understand what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and how to get things moving

Exploratory Analysis

From self-service data preparation to visual exploration through interactive reports and dashboards and what-if scenarios

Visual Discovery

Powered by Microsoft Power BI, it provides native apps for tablets and smartphones with highly visual, interactive and collaborative dashboards backed by centralised metadata security.

Fraud Detection

Enhanced cyber and payment security with malicious login activities and fraudulent transactions detection

Risk Insights

Risk scoring for automated artificially intelligent credit decisions and accurate risk management practices

Customer Insights

360-degree view into the customer leading to optimized customer journey, targeted marketing campaigns through behavioral segmentation and personalized experiences